Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands. But it is not less beautiful and charming than any other Greek island. The capital of Cephalonia is the town of Argostoli.


  • Cephalonia
  • Colors of Cephalonia
    Colors of Cephalonia

    Greece is not just white and blue.

  • Fiscardo

    The village of Fiscardo is situated at the northernmost point of Cephalonia and some of it's buildings from the 18th century have survived the 1953 Ionian earthquage.

  • Streets of Fiscardo
    Streets of Fiscardo

    The inner streets of Fiscardo make you feel cozy like home.

  • Fiscardo

    Beautiful and cozy tavernas are everywhere and offer delicious sea food and friendly service.

  • Fiscardo

    Fiscardo has kept buildings form the 18th century

  • Argostoli - the main street of the Capital
    Argostoli - the main street of the Capital

    It's too hot in the summer afternoon and you will meet just a few people.

  • Agia Efimia
    Agia Efimia
  • Argostoli

    Walking through the streets of the Capital Argostoli may make you feel you are somewhere in Central Europe.

  • Melissani

    There is an underground lake in the Melissani cave. The scenery is like from other planet.

  • More Fiscardo
    More Fiscardo

    Flowered homes like everywhere in Greece.