The most picturesque island of Greece is located in the south of the Aegean Sea. There is an airport on the island, but it is more interesting to reach it by a ferryboat from Piraeus.


  • Oia

    Probably the most iconic at the island

  • Oia

    Also known as Akano Meria is a village in the northernmost part of te island

  • Cruising

    Santorini is one of the most popular cruising destinations

  • Waiting for the sunset
    Waiting for the sunset

    Thousands of people are waiting every day in Oia for probably the most popular sunset in the world.

  • Sunset at Santorini
    Sunset at Santorini

    The sunset is amazing also seen from Fira.

  • Walking around
    Walking around

    Walking through the narrow streets

  • Santorini Caldera
    Santorini Caldera

    Capital Fira is on the top 250 meters above the sea

  • Windmills in Oia
    Windmills in Oia

    Old windmills are a trademark of Oia.

  • Santorini by night
    Santorini by night

    Fira is always amazing.

  • Caldera view
    Caldera view

    The Santorini caldera view is breathtaking. The Nea Kameni volcano and the island of Thirassia in the neighborhood.

  • The Red Beach
    The Red Beach

    One of the most popular beaches alongside the Black Beach of Perissa.